Bulk Oil: make the switch from barrel to bulk for instant savings

Texaco service centres throughout Ireland are enjoying savings while being assured that the oil in their tanks are fully traceable premium grade Texaco lubricants. The benefits of bulk delivery include:

  • Best available prices for premium grade Texaco lubricants
  • Compliance with EPA – tanks are double bonded
  • Improved waste stream management – no drum disposal

All bulk products are delivered by one of our three dedicated metered pumping trucks, and our drivers are fully trained and operate under set procedures to ensure that product is delivered in accordance with our quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

Please contact us for more information on our tank range and eligibility for participating in our workshop programmes.

Technical Support

Texaco world-class lubricant technologies not only deliver leading-edge equipment protection, performance and reliability but with Chevron’s global technical expertise and technical teams on hand, ensure that end-users are using the right product in the right application.

The sales team at CC Lubricants has extensive training and in-depth knowledge of Texaco products in all sectors, including commercial, automotive, agricultural and industrial, to ensure that we offer the best support for our customers at all times.

Our online oil recommendation guide is available for product queries and the team at CC Lubricants can ensure that all queries are answered comprehensively, giving you peace of mind that you have the right oil in the right place.

Oil Analysis

Best practice preventative maintenance comes through Chevron’s LubeWatch oil analysis programme which gives equipment maintenance managers the best possible information about equipment performance and lubricant status in all heavy industrial and mobile applications.

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  • Advanced online order tracking
  • Next-day, on-time delivery
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